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Bioscity is open to everyone. It is universal. The site can be accessed by anyone from all over the world. Every time you visit the Bioscity site, we save various technical and personal information such as your ip address,
device information, and browser information.

Our Account Opening
Site has an active membership system. It is assumed that everyone who is a member has approved the registration agreement.

If you become a member, every information you enter will be stored in our database, the information you will give while becoming a member or later will never and never be given to third parties except your information and your request, but no matter how much we take the necessary precautions, a 100% internet security will not be provided and any 'hacking' You should know that the site administrators cannot be held responsible for the acquisition of this information by third parties as a result of the 'incident.

Your Account Information You
do not need to create an account on our Site, but some services are only available to account holders. If you want to create an account, we will ask you for some personal information. These are: Your e-mail address, your name and a
password you set. In addition, we automatically create a username from the name you give during registration. For example, if you specify a name as "Free Software", your Username will probably be "ozgur_yazilim". You can change this
username and all information later as you wish. By adding your phone number to your profile, you can log in to the site with your number.

Public information
Your username is public information and can be accessed by everyone at all times. Apart from this, all your posts and activities are shared publicly with your permission. For example, if you don't hide your profile, your profile page will
appear publicly.

Confidential information from the public
Your name, e-mail address and telephone number are completely confidential. We use this information to authenticate your account and to keep your account and our services secure and to help prevent spam, fraud and abuse.

Contact Information
We can send you an e-mail from Bioscity to your e-mail address. Likewise, we can send an SMS to your phone. You can choose whether or not to receive notifications.

Links - External links - Other content
Our site contains links and / or advertisements that you can direct to other sites. Our site cannot be held responsible for the content of such links, images, advertisements and the sites it reaches.

Cookies - Cookies
Temporary files, which we call cookies, are installed on your browser so that you can use our site more comfortably and communicate more smoothly by recognizing your computer and you. These cookies do not cause identification and are usually deleted when you close our website. The sites you will access when you click on the links or advertisements on our site may also use cookies and use these cookie files for information purposes in accordance with their own privacy policies. Security No matter how much we take the necessary precautions, it is not possible to ensure 100% internet security, and as a result of any adverse event, the owner of our site, its official, etc. You must accept that other employees cannot be held responsible.

Bioscity has the right to review your posts when it receives a large number of complaints about illegal use or when it deems necessary Bioscity will never reach you or request anything, except for the following situations.

E-mail, private messages received during registration,
Site announcements and innovations,
Help request (ticket) you want and return emails in case of contact with any problem

Our site; In line with the above explanations and as a result, although it does not give the information to third parties in any way, it reserves the right to use it in case of the development of our organization, the increase of our
service quality and the written request of the legal authorities.