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Bioscity.Com and its sub sites | www.bioscity.com

This is a contract between WE (Bioscity.com, Bioscity) and YOU (bioscity.com visitor, member).
Anyone entering the Bioscity site is deemed to have accepted the following current terms of use.

Our site content;
We have tried to prepare a sharing platform for you, where we think you can safely travel, learn, teach, develop, develop, share your information and benefit from those who share it in a very special, beautiful, fun and free environment. For this reason, you can access thousands of information, pictures, photos and games on our site. We offer thousands of content in various fields to you, valuable internet users.

Scope of Our Services;

    All kinds of content (photos, pictures, links, articles, videos, games, etc.) of the Bioscity.Com website and its sub-sites
    Applications developed for devices using mobile platforms.
    Services we provide internet developers to publish on their websites.
    API, SMS, WIDGET, E-MAIL application and its contents.

Who Can Use Our Services

Bioscity is universal.
Everyone can use our services only on their behalf.


    Not to be banned by the judicial authorities.
    Obtaining parental consent for those under 13.
    Demonstrate that you are authorized to do so for legal entities and communities (company, government agency, organizations).


Membership - Account Creation
Our site has an active membership system. You may need to create an account to use some features. You are responsible for protecting your account.

    Use strong password and limit its usage to this account.
    Provide accurate information.
    Keep your profile up to date and complete.
    Do not choose immoral names while becoming a member.
    Do not give a misleading, fake, unused e-mail address.
    Do not use words with advertising content in member names.

We are not liable for any loss or damage caused by your failure to comply with the above. Bioscity reserves the right to delete all messages and ban access to the site in case it detects that the same person has expressed an opinion on the same subject with more than one nickname or name, as if they were different people.


Membership- Account Deletion
It is up to you to leave the membership as well as become a member. You can do this easily from the Administration panel. When you delete your account, all your shares will be deleted. This action cannot be undone.


Your Shares and Contents
Sharing: Any information and data you send to the site.

You are responsible for the posts you make.
Your posts must comply with the law and human rights.  
When sharing or using a post, you are responsible for all risks and responsibilities.
Because using capital letters means shouting, pay attention to the use of capital letters in your posts.

Do Not Share These:
The following subjects should not be shared.

    Political and social shares that will humiliate your state and disrupt its order,
    Posts contrary to General Ethics and Universal Rules
    Shares that are not copyrighted or owned by you,
    Denigrating or insulting another participant
    Shares with advertising content for interest
    Obscene and Pornographic posts,
    Drugs and bad habits
    Gambling and prompting to gamble
    Human and organ loss
    Child abuse


While Receiving Data From Our Site While Receiving Data From
 Our Site. The above (do not share them) items are valid. Please do not use our content in these places.

Site Owners ;
In the services we provide to Site Owners, in addition to the article When Receiving Data from Our Site;    

    Bioscity cannot be used in our codes by making changes to close the text and / or link,
    Our codes cannot be published by changing your own site and name, cannot be displayed as your work, and the code contents cannot be changed.
    On sites that increase the site traffic in a show way by using virtual visitors with some methods,
    On sites that prevent the service of other site owners by interrupting our service as a result of excessive use of site visitors or attacks,
    On sites that interrupt our service in any way or because of their other content, code, or features,

 Our services are not available.

As stated above, everyone who accesses the Bioscity site must agree to these terms. Any and all responsibility arising from your use of our site belongs to you. You should be aware that the service we provide will be canceled indefinitely if the use is against these clauses. Those who do not comply with the terms will be prevented from writing or even entering our site. All shares against the terms are deleted. You should know that the membership of the members will be deleted in case of continuation and if there is a criminal offense, the necessary authorities will be informed.